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Next Gen 2004




Goals of Innovation: To assemble a factory built, modular home on site at the Las Vegas Convention Center that demonstrates how innovative, resource efficient building technologies can be incorporated into an attractive, affordable home.

Description: Built in a factory and assembled on site during the 2004 International Builders Show, this home is virtually indistinguishable from a site-built home. Since modular homes are very resource efficient (more efficient control, use, and recycling of materials in a factory; less disruption onsite during construction) compared to site built homes, PATH wants builders to see that modular homes can be stylistically and technologically competitive with site built homes.

This 2,300 square foot home was designed to be high-tech and affordable. It demonstrates what can be achieved when a whole-house approach to building is coupled with high standards for building quality and comfort, and a commitment to affordability. In addition to the wide range of advanced technologies it demonstrates, this factory-built house has an open floor plan with three bedrooms, a great room, formal dining room, casual dining area off the kitchen and an outdoor courtyard. It was designed to withstand 110-mph winds. It is architecturally interesting, with two wings that will enclose a courtyard.

ENERGY STAR windows, doors, insulation, lighting and appliances; along with radiant barriers, low-flow plumbing fixtures, home run plumbing, and a tankless water heater; are just the most obvious nods to a more sustainable home. This house was build with bamboo flooring, engineered wood framing, fiberglass reinforced plastic decking, and new generation OSB subflooring to reduce the amount of new timber required for the home.

Obstacles: This was a “show home” not only for advanced building technologies that showcase resource efficient technologies, but also for flashy new stuff by companies that wanted to showcase their wares. It also included high-end home electronics of various kinds and a very plush home theater. All American Homes, the builder, and iShow, the coordinator, had to balance and properly showcase all of the sponsors’ desires in a practical, attractive home that someone would hopefully buy and place on a lot of their choice.

Cost Information: The house was donated to Opportunity Village, a not-for-profit organization in Las Vegas that serves people within our community with intellectual disabilities, to enhance their lives and the lives of their families. Opportunity Village then turned around and sold this durable, energy efficient house (utility bills are expected to be at least 30% less than a similar house built to code) for $185,000 to a private individual who is having it finally installed in Las Vegas.

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