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Bismarck State College Sustainable Project




Goals of Innovation: To decrease air infiltration through the exterior walls.

Description: All interior walls were held 3/4" away from exterior walls. This enabled the subcontractors and students to install the vapor barrier and sheet rock on the exterior walls without interruptions at interior wall intersections. The result of this process is a continuous envelope of protection from wind infiltration and vapor leaks.

Obstacles: The subcontractors were unfamiliar with the process. They needed guidance and information to insure proper installation. Framers needed to take precautions to be certain the walls were plumb. Plumbers and electricians needed to keep wiring and plumbing out of the 3/4" gaps between interior and exterior walls. Dry wall hangers need to be reminded to run the sheet rock through the 3/4" gap and not just butt against the partition walls regardless of the continuous envelope system.

Cost Information: There were no additional direct costs beyond increased supervision and brief training for subcontractors.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The blower door test should the innovation was successful and worth the effort. Project sponsors also realized how important it is for subcontractors to be educated and excited about the purpose and function of new techniques so they can contribute to and follow the plan.


Goals of Innovation: Reduce the amount of debris sent to the landfill. Make productive use of debris onsite.

Description: Wood scraps were mulched to be used for landscaping.

Obstacles: Finding the means to mulch the debris without investing in a mulching machine. Eventually a local tree trimming company agreed to mulch the wood waste.

Cost Information: $100 for mulching equipment - $30 for labor.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The mulching was just part of the overall training and experience students received in efficient use of resources. It also got them thinking about part of the job they really didn't think about before - the landscaping and general care of the site.

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