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  • To develop a compact community designed to enhance "neighborhood" appeal, protect human health and reduce sprawl through multi-family cluster design with welcoming public spaces and natural products.
Fields Neighborhood Duplex


  • Location: East Troy, Wisconsin
  • Climate Zone: Cold
  • Type of Project: New Construction
  • Home Completed: 2003
  • Setting: urban
  • Energy Source: - natural gas - grid electric
  • Layout: Multi-Family; 2 bedroom; Attached garage
  • Lot Size: Unknown
  • Square Footage: 1866
  • Sales Market: Middle-income
  • Cost/Square Foot: $ 101.00


Christopher Mann
Manshire Villages, L.L.C.
- Developer

Phone: (262) 642-2651
Fax: (262) 642-2040
Email: cmmann@manshire.com

Fields Neighborhood is an innovative community nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin that combines sustainable living with a strong community atmosphere and respect for the natural environment.


  • Green Built Home (Wisconsin Environmental Initiative)   107 points, where a minimum of 50 are required.   2003
  • Environmental Design + Construction Magazine's 2004 Excellence in Design Award      2004
  • The Excellence in Design Award Winner of the Environmental Design + Construction Magazine   5th Place   May 2004
  • Energy Star Labeled and Certified Home - Builder Option Packages and Guidelines


Life in the present technological age presents many challenges. This challenge can be enjoyable. However, shortages of time and congestion in space can begin to get us down. At that point environment becomes all important.

The home environment, whether a modern multi-story, a period cottage, or other variation of the human dwelling place, has a strong formative influence. Its scenery, climate, architecture and social pattern contribute to or detract from our sense of well-being and our human resources.

With such considerations in mind, the Fields Neighborhood has been launched as an attempt to create an atmosphere that provides an environment for the best possible support of the growth of the human spirit and its social capacities. In the forms and layout of the architecture we have tried to provide privacy on the one hand, and to promote meeting in harmony with one's neighbors on the other hand. The neighborhood consists of clustered condominiums on 17 acres of open land.

This sense of community was standard 30 years ago and is encouraged in the Fields Neighborhood again today. The Neighborhood also supports highly acclaimed innovations of green building techniques and water conservation through zero runoff design.

* The lot size as indicated above is zero due to the nature of condominiums. The homeowners own an undivided share of the land around the home in common with the other owners.

Passive solar layout

Clustered Homes Help To Protect Nearby Wetlands

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