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Goals of Innovation: To provide a competitively priced and comfortable home which incorporates environmental considerations specific to the site.

Description: This home combines passive solar design with a super insulated building envelope (see Features) to deliver energy efficiency and comfort. Ventilation, primary and secondary heating support these systems. The aesthetically pleasing structure was designed appropriate to the site and subdivision using locally available materials. Environmentally efficient construction techniques and building practices pulled the seemingly independent systems and materials together to function as a "whole-house system".

In addition, the home design included landscaping practices that draw the house and lands together. The impact to grounds around the home were considered from the outset of design and construction, with minimal impact through construction practices. Ecology-based landscaping practices were applied as soon as possible to regenerate and complete the "whole house system".

Obstacles: For this home, there were few obstacles to overcome. The owners were committed to having an energy efficient, sustainable, practical and "healthy" house before coming to us. Mainstream builders use the structural materials. The design team was committed to the same goals. The homeowners were encouraged to check with several builders and choose one that understood the construction goals and was equally committed to reaching them.

Cost Information: The cost per square foot of this home with garage is $80.43 excluding land and the extraordinary expense of a special wood stove/baking oven.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The "whole-house" system design achieves all of the goals of the homeowners. An additional benefit is that the homeowners have so readily shared their home and experience with others thus helping to educate and inform others about the benefits of energy efficient design and the resulting low utility bills.

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