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(This house reported 26 resource efficient features.
Percentages above indicate the distribution of features and total 100%)


  • Add on to the existing house so the growing family would not have to move.
  • Improve the construction quality of the original structure.
A front view of the remodeled Cartledge House


  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Climate Zone: Mixed-Humid
  • Type of Project: Renovation
  • Home Completed: 2003
  • Setting: suburban
  • Energy Source: - natural gas - grid electric
  • Layout: Single-Family; 3 bedroom; No garage
  • Lot Size: 1 acre
  • Square Footage: 1793
  • Sales Market: Middle-income
  • Cost/Square Foot: $ 110.00


Jim Hackler, Director
- Sponsor

Phone: 770/938-9900


  • EarthCraft House   Certified EarthCraft House Renovation   5/2003
  • Environmental Design & Construction, May 2003, First Annual Excellence   First place for Interior Residential Design   5/2003
  • Environmental Design & Construction, May 2003, First Annual Excellence   Exterior - Residential - Runner's Up Award   5/2003
  • Energy Star Labeled and Certified Home - Builder Option Packages and Guidelines
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) 5 stars


Please Note: The square footage listed above is for the remodel project. The number was calculated adding the 1,583 square foot second floor addition to the 210 feet added to the first floor. Total project size is 1,793 square feet. Total square footage of the first and second floors combined is 3,573. The 1,676 square foot basement is not included, as only 350 square foot of it is finished. Before renovation, this single story 50 year old Atlanta, Georgia home had no insulation in the walls and minimal insulation in the attic. Its mechanical systems were inefficient and moisture was a problem. The owners enjoyed the area, however, and, as the family grew, decided to renovate the house instead of move.

The 1,662 square foot house had two bedrooms on the first floor, an attached garage, and a musty, partially finished basement. Plans called for adding a 1,583 second floor, including a master bedroom and master bath, adding about 100 square feet to the first floor, and foam insulating all the walls that needed to be opened to build the second story. The furnace and air conditioner in the basement were upgraded to energy star rated models, and a comparable furnace and air conditioner were installed in a combustion closet in the new attic. Leaky windows and doors were replaced, the garage was turned into a carport, and the basement's ventilation and dehumidifying systems were improved to reduce condensation.

The initial Energy Star rating was 77.2 before the remodel. It was 87.4 after the remodel. Scores are determined by computer modeling the home before the work was done using REM/Rate software by Architectural Energy Corporation. The software finds problem areas and percentages where energy is being spent to prioritize the work. After the work, the house is tested and rated again. Based on the results, this home qualified as an EarthCraft Certified House. The home was featured in the May 2003 issue of Environmental Design and Construction Magazine.

The original home.

Daylighting and passive solar features allow for a high living room ceiling.

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