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Iowa Straw Bale House




Julie Myers, Development Director
MidAmerica Housing Partnership - MAHP
- Developer - Builder - Designer

Website: http://www.mahp.net
Phone: 319-365-6247
Fax: 319-862-0833


Chris Magwood - Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction - Builder- Collaborator

Chris is a Canadian straw bale homebuilder and co-author of Straw Bale Building. He agreed to look at MAHP's plans for this home and gave feedback from his experiences. We incorporated many of his suggestions into this home.

Tim Rogers and family - Participating Vendor

Tim and his family baled, stored, and delivered the straw bales used for this home. They were very helpful, easy to work with, and contientiously followed the specifications required for the straw bales.

Steven Van Note and Ryan Olsen, local building inspectors - Collaborator

Steven and Ryan helped us meet local building code requirements in a way that assured a quality home was built, and priced for our low income market.

Jeff Rains, an architect with Simonson Associates - Designer

Jeff carefully researched straw bale building and communicated well with the builder to assure everyone knew what needed to be done and why.

John Straube of the University of Waterloo, Toronto - Collaborator

John, an engineer and building science teacher, is a top authority on understanding the causes of moisture in buildings and preventing it. He developed the stucco mixture we used on this house and told us how to properly apply it.

Ed Raber of the Washington Economic Development Group (WEDG) - Developer

Ed worked to permit the house to be built in this WEDG subdivision.

The Franciscan Nuns of Prairiewoods Spirituality Center - Collaborator

The sisters have built two straw bale hermitages at Prairiewoods and advised us on how to accommodate the expectations people would have of such a home.

1. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Sponsor
District of Columbia
HUD provided a federal Rural Housing and Economic Development (RHED) grant to help develop and construct the home.

Iowa Department of Economic Development - Sponsor

Provided a state Local Housing Assistance Program (LHAP) grant to the project.

Federation Bank - Sponsor

Provided local "bridge loan" financing to the project.

City of Washington - Sponsor

Provided infrastructure to the project.

Fannie Mae Foundation - Sponsor

Provided Program-Related Investment (PRI) loan to assist with the project.

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