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Symphony Earthcraft Demonstration Home











(This house reported 29 resource efficient features.
Percentages above indicate the distribution of features and total 100%)


  • To build a model home for the community that included resource efficient features that are offered as standards for the construction to demonstrate that the features can be mainstream improvements to residential construction.
Symphony Earthcraft Demonstration Home


  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Climate Zone: Mixed-Humid
  • Type of Project: New Construction
  • Home Completed: 2007
  • Setting: suburban
  • Energy Source: - natural gas - grid electric
  • Layout: Single-Family; 4 bedroom; Attached garage
  • Lot Size: Unknown
  • Square Footage: 3500
  • Sales Market: Middle-income
  • Cost/Square Foot: Unknown


Todd Usher
Addison Homes LLC
- Developer - Builder

Phone: 864-848-2667
Fax: (864)-849-2990
Email: Todd@addison-homes.com

Addison creates beautiful, energy-efficient homes with quality craftsmanship and the customer in mind.


  • EarthCraft House Regional Builder of the Year      2007


This model home is located in the Carilion subdivision of Greenville, South Carolina. It is packed full of resource efficient products and construction techniques. Most are standard practice in homes for this community. The home conserves the use of large diameter lumber, energy, and water; protects the occupants; and reduces waste throughout the construction process and life of the home. The home provides a learning experience and contains feature plaques that highlight the aspects of the home contributing to its "green" status.

A local non-profit, the Greenville Symphony Guild, chose this home as their EarthCraft "Showcase" home. An open house event raised over $10,000 for the organization with over 500 people viewing the home during the open house event weekend. They were definitely drawn out of curiosity to see a green home, with easily 80% of attendees coming to learn about green construction. Not only is it a model home, but the builder strives to set an example that will guide the subcontractors to the same quality and resource efficient goals as described in the Innovation Section.

The home will be available for tours through the end of 2007 as the "Symphony EarthCraft Home" and will be featured in the local tour of homes in September, 2007. Also, monthly educational seminars on building a green home will be held in the home.

An elegant dining area with energy efficient fluorescent lighting

Greenguard certified fiberglass insulation in attic

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