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Simmons Earthcraft House




Goals of Innovation: To reduce pollution and waste while providing a reduction in utility bills and a healthy environment.

Description: The home was designed to meet Earthcraft guidelines for energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality. Both were achieved by creating a well-insulated and tight building envelope. The reduction of airflow increases the effectiveness of insulation as well as reduces potential for unwanted allergens entering the home. The design was also cognizant of important site issues such as the sensitive watershed feature. Careful construction practices and rehabilitation of disturbed areas will contribute to a low-impact project. Durable, low-maintenance products and efficient mechanical systems will continue to have a low-impact throughout the life of the structure.

Obstacles: Traditional construction techniques do not necessarily follow the best available resource efficient and energy efficient methods, materials and practices. Employing different construction practices on this project required detailed training and supervision of trade partners along with the use of new and different building materials. These changes in construction methods and practices required numerous paradigm shifts.

Cost Information: The improved construction practices utilized on this project had minimal impact on overall project cost. Spray foam insulation was the most significant cost driver among the improved practices adding approximately 2-4% to the overall project costs.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The obvious benefits of this home's design are seen by viewing the utility bills, which average only about $89 per month for an all electric home. The less obvious benefits are the increased level of comfort and reduction in allergy attacks experienced by the homeowners.

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