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Skyline I - Nebraska Certified Green Built




Goals of Innovation: This home was funded in-part with money from one of Nebraska's affordable housing funds. Based on this type of funding, one of the goals of this home's design was to make it possible for the construction documents (available for download on the Energy Office website) to be useable anywhere in the state. Since there are areas in the state where basements can not be constructed, the home's design included locating the HVAC systems on the main level and designing special attic/roof trusses that would ensure that the system's ductwork would remain entirely within the conditioned space of the home.

Description: Studies have proven that large amounts of heating and cooling loss can occur when ductwork is located outside of the conditioned space of a home; however these losses are often ignored when builders consider the lower up-front costs of running ductwork in attic spaces, especially in first-time or moderate income housing. This home was designed with a roof truss system that allowed the builder to locate ductwork easily above the finished ceiling of the home in an area that was still within the conditioned space.

Obstacles: The main obstacle was the additional cost of the custom built trusses.

Cost Information: Additional costs incurred for the custom trusses were balanced with a reduction in the cost of ductwork. Less ductwork was required because in this well insulated and sealed home, the supply ductwork was required to extend only halfway across the rooms rather than to the exterior wall above the windows, which is standard construction practice.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The home, including the roof/truss system and the HVAC system, was pressure tested to ensure everything was air-tight and could perform as designed. The system was also tested and monitored for one week in February to ensure that the system design provided and maintained the heating required during a Nebraska winter. The tests of the system were very favorable!

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