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Goals of Innovation: To keep the project affordable by lowering material and labor costs while improving energy performance for the home.

Description: Optimum Value Engineering (OVE), also known as Advanced Framing refers to framing techniques that reduce the amount of lumber used to build a home while maintaining the structural integrity of the building. This home plan was designed on a 24" grid (versus the conventional 16" on center), which optimized the use of all sheet materials, such as drywall and oriented strand board (OSB). Also, a plenum space was designed into the roof trusses to carry the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork to simplify the framing and mechanical systems.

Inline framing was used to provide a direct load path from the roof to the foundation. Window, door, and bearing wall locations were shifted to fit into the 24" on center (OC) module. To maintain the alignment all the way to the foundation, the roof trusses and floor joists were also spaced 24" OC. The increased spacing reduced the number of floor trusses required.

Other advanced framing strategies included header hangers over the windows to eliminate the need for jack studs, open 2-stud corners, and ladders for intersecting walls. These strategies all reduced lumber while increasing the free wall area for insulation, improving the overall U-value of the wall assembly.

Obstacles: Framers unfamiliar with the techniques typically need training and more planning is required when using these techniques.

Cost Information: Using OVE techniques results in lower material and labor costs and improved energy performance for the building. Savings in wall lumber due to the use of 24" OC versus 16" OC framing, use of 11 1/4" TJIs at 24" OC (versus 9 1/4" TJIs 16" OC), and savings associated with shifting the floor joist spacing from 16 to 24 inches on center provided budget efficiencies and reduced resource consumption.

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