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(This house reported 30 resource efficient features.
Percentages above indicate the distribution of features and total 100%)


  • To introduce strawbale construction as a viable solution to the acute need for quality, affordable housing on the Northern Cheyenne reservation.
  • To provide a replicable housing approach featuring efficiency and environmentally- sustainable technologies.
Northern Cheyenne House Photo by: Nathaniel Corum


  • Location: Busby, Montana
  • Climate Zone: Cold
  • Type of Project: New Construction
  • Home Completed: 2006
  • Setting: rural
  • Energy Source: - solar - propane - grid electric
  • Layout: Single-Family; 3 bedroom; Detached garage
  • Lot Size: Unknown
  • Square Footage: 1350
  • Sales Market: Low-income
  • Cost/Square Foot: $ 60.00


Nathaniel Corum, Design Director, Rose Architectural Fellow
Red Feather Development Group
- Developer - Designer

Phone: 406-585-7188
Fax: 406-585-7187
Email: info@redfeather.org

Red Feather, a nonprofit, educates and empowers American Indian nations to create sustainable solutions to the severe housing crisis within reservation communities by teaching affordable, replicable and sustainable approaches to home construction.


As part of Red Feather's American Indian Sustainable Housing Initiative, this home represents a replicable-model, straw bale home for the Northern Cheyenne Nation. Together with other Red Feather homes on the Northern Cheyenne and neighboring Crow Nations, this house demonstrates that straw bale construction is an affordable and energy-efficient housing solution. The home was designed and constructed with community involvement, transferring straw bale construction skills to tribal members. This home also demonstrates efficient layout in a small footprint, the use of low-impact products (on both health and environment), and barrier-free design.

Learn more about straw bale construction and notable Red Feather projects by contacting Red Feather (406-585-7188 or info@redfeather.org ) and reading Building a Straw Bale House: The Red Feather Construction Handbook, By Nathaniel Corum (Princeton Architectural Press, 2005).

Straw Bale

Native Plant Landscaping; Image by Nathaniel Corum & Ophelia Wilkins

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