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(This house reported 37 resource efficient features.
Percentages above indicate the distribution of features and total 100%)


  • To renovate and expand this historic 1918 home into an executive style residence incorporating green building principles throughout the project while at the same time keeping the project within budget and developing a mainstream traditional design that would appeal to the norms of the local real estate market.
Dormer was added to front, screens were removed, and roof was reinstalled.


  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Climate Zone: Mixed-Humid
  • Type of Project: Renovation
  • Home Completed: 2005
  • Setting: urban
  • Energy Source: - natural gas - grid electric
  • Layout: Single-Family; 5 bedroom; Detached garage
  • Lot Size: 14520 sqft
  • Square Footage: 4700
  • Sales Market: High-income
  • Cost/Square Foot: $ 100.00


Carl Seville
Seville Consulting
- Builder - Homeowner

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Email: info@sevilleconsulting.com

Seville Consulting strives to help homeowners and building professionals create healthy, efficient, and durable buildings by incorporating sustainable practices into their homes and businesses


The Seville Residence in Atlanta, Georgia has been chosen for an integrated design award for extensive commitment to resource efficiency. Rather than starting fresh the home was expanded, updated and made more efficient for another 100 years at an even lower impact. The historic home was converted into an executive style residence that appeals to the local market while maintaining a traditional design and many of the original materials.

The project highlights reuse and recycling throughout the deconstruction and construction process including the salvage of many materials and even the recycling of gypsum board as an on-site soil amendment. Techniques such as advanced framing and advanced sealing were used to reduce materials and sustainable and efficient products such as tankless water heaters and water-based finishes were used to reduce utilities and maintain a healthy home. Trade contractors were intimately involved in carrying out the goals of the project and were trained in new techniques.

This project is an all-around demonstration of integrated design and execution for resource efficiency.


  • EarthCraft House      06/2005
  • National Green Building Award/ NAHB   Remodeled Home of the Year   03/2006
  • Excellence in Design: Environmental Design and Construction Magazine   Single Family Residential Category   2006
  • Energy Star Labeled and Certified Home - Builder Option Packages and Guidelines


This 1918 home is located in Druid Hills, an Atlanta registered historic district designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. The house was renovated using resource efficient principles while being expanded from the original 2300 square foot to a total of 4700 square foot. The existing building had an expansive attic space that led the project program. The living area of the house was doubled with only a small addition on the first floor and the addition of three dormers to the attic. The renovation incorporated energy and water efficiency improvements, sustainable products, best indoor air quality and waste management practices. The Seville Residence also served as the EarthCraft Renovation Showcase project featured at the Southern Building Show.

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This bedroom was built in existing space, dormer at left was added.

Center skylight provides full daylighting of center of house; stained glass window provides light to interior bathroom.

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