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Goals of Innovation: To manage moisture, air and heat in the roof assembly, particularly at the eave transition to the top of the roof.

To enable high performance ducting by keeping ducting in a temperature controlled environment.

By moving the insulation from the ceiling joists to the roof assembly, the hot attic space, which can reach temperatures of 150 degrees in the summer months, is removed.

Description: Dupont Tyvek Supro fabric was installed in the attic to allow airflow between the fabric and the roof, from soffit to ridge. Icynene spray foam insulation was applied in the roof framing cavities beneath the fabric moving the air barrier and thermal barrier up to the roofline. A radiant barrier, decking and roofing material were installed above the roofline.

Obstacles: This was only the 3rd home in America to receive the Dupont Supro so labor and material costs were large factors to consider.

Special attention was required to ensure that the spaces between the rafters were unobstructed both at the eave and at the hip and ridge vents.

Cost Information: A cost comparison is not available since Dupont donated the materials. But, the system substantially reduced the use of wood. Past methods of venting the roof assembly included decking the roof, installing 1 x 4 wood strips diagonally, and decking the roof again.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: This home received an Energy Star rating of 94.5, which exceeded the platinum level. The conditioned attic substantially reduced energy usage by eliminating the hot space in the attic and reducing the overall cooling loads.

A conditioned attic provides more square footage of appropriate storage. Items stored in this space will remain dry and fresh, just as if they were in the general living space.

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