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Heilig Energy Efficient Geothermal




Goals of Innovation: To build an affordable, Energy Star qualified home and make it marketable.

Description: This home was built with products demonstrating higher quality for energy efficiency, such as Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), a geothermal system, efficient windows, and blown-in cellulose insulation, to reach the goal. The Features section of this showcase provides more detail on products and energy efficiency.

Obstacles: To achieve greater energy efficiency than standard building codes require, it takes forethought in design, and attention to detail during construction. Quality control is very important. Crews may have to become familiar with new techniques and forget old habits. The costs associated with this level of detail are greater than a standard home. Products with higher energy efficiency ratings cost more too.

Selling the product at a higher cost is difficult due to the lack of consumer knowledge about the benefits of owning an energy efficient home i.e. the long-term market value and long-term savings versus the initial cost.

Cost Information: The cost to build this home, including quality energy efficient products, was 15% higher than a conventional home. But, the home was appraised higher than a conventional home with similar layout and square footage.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: The homeowners will have reduced utility and maintenance bills over the lifetime of the home. Reduced bills not only leaves more money in the homeowners' pocket, but allows them to take advantage of special financing options while establishing their mortgage. This home qualifies for Fannie Mae lending assistance and incentives through Sevier County Electric.

The value of this home will appreciate as energy costs go up.

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