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Goals of Innovation: Maximize the use of certified sustainably harvested lumber in the home, while reducing the amount of wood needed.

Description: Local retailers do not yet stock certified sustainably harvested lumber. Viceroy Homes, the home package manufacturer, supplied nearly all sustainably harvested lumber to the job site, as requested. The owner worked with Viceroy for several months, modifying an existing floor plan model to his specifications that called for high performance, comfort, and resource efficiency. Specifications included 2" X 6" thick exterior walls that used Optimal Value Engineering (OVE) techniques.

Obstacles: The owner wanted to be assured that 24" OC framing would also work for the interior walls. A carpenter reviewed the plans and suggested 16" OC for the interior walls, mainly to assure the walls would remain even after the drywall was put on. The owner, however, maintained the 24" OC framing and has had no problem with the drywall.

Cost Information: The owner asked several experienced local contractors how the price of the home package related to ordering materials locally. All agreed the package cost for materials was comparable to local prices, yet certified sustainable harvested lumber is usually substantially higher.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: Another benefit to customizing this home package was that the owner had access to the manufacturer's engineering services. This helped assure he was able to accomplish other objectives, such as having a large window for a view on the northside of the home without substantially reducing the home's energy efficiency. He also was able to incorporate the type of mechanical systems he wanted, most notably the heat pump geothermal system, into the house plans. The owner and engineers researched each system separately, chose them based on computer models of the home's performance, then modified the plans to accommodate their choices.

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