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The Jordan Geothermal Home




Goals of Innovation: To provide a sound, comfortable and efficient product that establishes Savannah Builders, LLC a unique and high quality homebuilder.

Description: Savannah goes above and beyond Energy Star certification requirements combining a geothermal energy source with a stout building envelope. Savannah quality includes:

- a radiant barrier roof decking,

- a high efficiency, lifetime warranty Marathon hot water heater,

- insulation of all hot water lines under the slab, and

- insulated foundation walls.

Obstacles: Some homebuyers do not fully appreciate that the value of energy efficiency comes with a slightly higher initial cost. Paying for energy efficient features reduces the total cost of a home by reducing the cost to operate a home over the life of the home.

Total Cost of Home Ownership (monthly expenses) = Mortgage + Taxes + Operation Costs (utilities and maintenance)

If all homebuyers recognized that long-term savings outweigh initial cost, then all homebuyers would purchase an energy efficient home.

Cost Information: Higher quality materials and more advanced technology cost more.

Additional Benefits/Drawbacks: Savannah homes include high quality materials that last longer. High efficiency materials reduce heating and cooling demands, both reducing cost and helping the environment.

Savannah continues to contribute to their community by being involved with the Central Oklahoma and National Home Builders Associations. The Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association awarded Savannah Builders, LLC the Builder of the Year and selected the company to build the feature home for Parade of Homes 3 years running.

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